Hollaback!Fburg’s Anti-Street Harassment Events!

We are very excited to share our upcoming events for International Anti-Street Harassment Week April 7-13, 2013!

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1. Sunday, 4/7 (1pm)

What: Chalk Stenciling

Where: Market Square
Why: Chalking messages about Hollaback! Fburg and street harassment awareness on as much pavement as we can fit. Materials will be provided by people can BYOC too.



2. Wednesday, 4/10 (6:30-8pm)
What: Hollaback Hang
Where: Hyperion
Why: Raising awareness about street harassment through an informal group discussion. People can come together to share their experiences, trade bystander tactics and stay for as long or as short as they want.






3. Saturday, 4/13 (1-4pm)
What: Anti-Style Shaming Photo Campaign
Where: Forage (208 William Street)
Why: Clothing comes up a lot in the street harassment stories people post on Hollaback. But we have the right to not be ashamed of what we wear and we certainly have the right to not be objectified for rocking our own style. At Forage, come make a sign stating your right to wear what you want, try on some Forage clothes and we will take your photograph (faces excluded) to create Anti-Street Harassment/ Anti-Slut Shaming memes to share with our community. Craft materials, HollabackFburg literature, and snacks provided.

4. Saturday, 4/13 (7pm)
What: HollabackFburg/FAA Show
Where: Populuxe (107 William Street)
Featuring Raw Feels, Cat Be Damned, and Joey Demarco
Why: to melt face against street harassment!!!


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